Software Development

I have a solid understanding of computers from the ground up and a systems thinking mindset. The majority of my coursework has centered around low-level C programming, including operating systems development. Outside of classes, I have focused on web development with multiple JavaScript frameworks. In internships, I have primarily used Python and C#. Live projects:  Dunmo & FeatureQuest

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From the Purdue CS community, The Anvil, and hackathons I met this guy named Jeremy. Hackathon projects turned into startups, I joined Epsilon Nu Tau, and I'll be getting a certificate in entrepreneurship along with my CS degree. Jeremy and I took Dunmo from hack to startup through The Boiler, a startup accelerator competition. Now, I lead the development of entrepreneurial minds in the Theta Chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau, covering both entrepreneurial skills and general professional development.


My passion for making a positive impact has driven me to take on numerous leadership roles and steer various groups to success. Natural communication skills, systems thinking, big picture view, and adaptibility have allowed me to do well in these roles.

As VP of Development for the Theta Chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau, I lead our Entrepreneurial and Professional Development Chairs in the development of our members as entrepreneurs and professionals. While they put on our annual events, I also pursue opportunities for partnership with other organizations or programs on campus. Although it's not in my job description, I feel it's my duty to develop the next level of initiatives which will hopefully become annual.


I occasionally write things on Medium and create marketing copy for websites.
I'm available for freelance copywriting and open to other writing as well. Contact me and we'll see what I can do for you!


It's about time user feedback got an upgrade.

User feedback has traditionally been done through forums or text boxes. This is often impersonal for users. User feedback should strengthen customer relationships and drive engagement.

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Dunmo is a place to store your tasks, and free up your mind.

Dunmo keeps your priorities in order, and finds time for you to work on everything. Overdue or "at risk" items will be highlighted to warn you.

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Plagued by the Distant Perfect

“Perfect” doesn’t exist.

Don’t strive for “perfect”, strive for better.

Better will always exist and will always be attainable.

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You're wrong about what an inbox is and how to use it

The word “inbox” does not simply refer to the section of Gmail where new messages appear. It’s not even specific to email.
An inbox is a place to capture and process incoming items.

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